This equipment list is split into two sections – COMPULSORY and OPTIONAL. Without overstating the obvious the compulsory equipment must be carried at all times on our person or within our pack.

Optional equipment may make the race a little bit more comfortable, but will add to the total


These items must be worn, carried or in our pack at all times. For our safety race staff may ask to check our pack at any time to ensure we are carrying the items on this list.

• Backpack/ Rucksack
• Compass & Maps
• Whistle
• Knife (Multi-tool etc)
• Head torch with spare batteries
• Waterproof Jacket with a hood (Goretex/ eVent etc)
• Waterproof trousers (Goretex/ eVent etc)
• Hat, gloves and spare socks (1 pair)
• Base Layer – Full set + spare top
• Appropriate clothing for mountain/ fell running:
• Medical kit:
• Survival Bag
• Sleeping Bag – Must be extreme rated down to -10
• Tent/ Shelter/ Bivi
• Stove with one pan to produce hot water
• Waterproof matches/ and or lighter
• Spork or similar
• Water carrying system
• Food/ water as stipulated in the race rules
• Mobile phone with charger for emergency use


These items, as it states, are optional:

• Sunglasses/ Goggles
• Spare set of clothing
• Suncream
• Vaseline or similar
• Lip salve
• Waterproof map case
• Gaiters
• Buff or similar
• Hand warmers
• Roll mat
• Snowshoes
• Kahtoola Microspikes, Yaktrax