9th feb and whilst watching tv today it became apparent that the words ‘pennines’ and ‘snow’ appear in the same sentence on the weather fairly regularly. This was embedded by a trip to alston in cumbria which was still proper snowy after the recent downfalls. It was right misty, cold and windy too which has helped the ‘bricking it’ feeling no end!

Quick trip to Go Outdoors in penrith to mooch around was pretty cool too. There were a few Xtreme rated sleeping bags which turned out not to be as gimassively expensive as i had thought they would be which bodes well. They did look pretty bulky though which is a bit of a worry for the plan for 22 litre packs! Speaking of which, should be able to pick up the Montane Ultratour 22l that Charlie from Outdoor Warehouse is loaning me to test. Proper looking forward to it as i really like the Anaconda 18l

No training today. Well if you dont include the three miles pushing pushchair up the old railway in keswick with a full pack on! Its all time on feet….