Hopefully there will be little requirement to sleep on the Spine Challenge, however should we need to erect our tents/bivvies a piece of required kit is a sleeping bag that is capable of withstanding temperatures down to a toe snapping -10

With the 60hr limit we’ll be aiming to crack on thru the night(s) but should we encounter any difficulties and have to stop this with be invaluable along with our survival bags.

With a sleeping bag able to cope with these temps (on the 2013 running it got as low as -16) inevitably this adds bulk & weight, unless you send a fortune!

Having stumbled across the Mountain Equipment Extreme Range it appears this might have to be the case.

I’ve been eyeing  up the Lightline Lightweight from Mountain Equipment which is a year round bag with a sleeping zone of +10 to -9 (extreme temp down to -22)  weighing a tidy 1,215g and packing reasonably small.

RRP is £350 but like a true Yorkshireman I’ve found this for less than half that!

Sleeping Bag