Sunday 10th Feb;
Ok people this is my first attempt at writing a “blog”. All i can say is I hope WordPress has an edit button somewhere.
Having a partner and and two small children, one 5 and the newest addition only being 9wks old, i’ve had to switch my training slightly to running in the mornings. Not 100% but if i’m going to get the mileage in it has to happen. So with this in mind, i set my alarm for some ridiculas time and went for it. Over the past week i’ve managed to get up early for the past 4 morning, clocking up around 13 miles. Which for me is amazing, not the distance but getting up. You see I was born on a king size bed, wrapped in a 13.5 tog duvets some 44 yrs ago, so trying to get out of one at 6 am is a bit of a struggle. That said i’ve been up and out, pounding the streets in all weather and strangely i have really enjoyed it. Ok i have to have a power bar at 10 am to keep me awake for the rest of the day, but hey a small price to pay.

Yesterdays plan was to ditch the car and run 18/19 mile back to the front door. A cracking route which i’ve done plenty of times before. At the last minute, Simon, a friend of mine who’s 10 years younger and 3 stone lighter and runs like a greyhound decided to come along. His plan was to run 6 miles out then return for my car and drive it home for me. A good plan that worked a treat. We left home not long after 7 am and with in 5 miles we were driving in snow with the dashboard shouting its -2 you fool.

My first thought was “good move to put on your HH Charger base layer”, quickly followed by “-2 that’s warm compared to a potential -10 it could be when completing the Spine Challenge, followed by “Simons going to be cold in those shorts”. Everything went as planned and after running through 4″ of snow for 6 miles Simon departed and i plodded on, through farmyards, down tracks across fields and every now and again past a house, totally in awe of the screnary, mother nature and the stillness of everything at that time.
There is something really satisfying knowing you’ve run 10 plus before most people have even woken. Anyway things were going great, but I start to feel peckish, so i munched on a power bar that’s i’ve not tried before, which at the time tasted great but minutes later I new something was up. I went from 10 minute miles to what seemed like 7 minute miles in a matters of seconds, with the aim of try and get home as quick as possible, but to no avail. For the first time ever I had to “phone a friend” to come get me. I guess that’s what training runs are all about. Trying out new things, finding what does or doesn’t work. On arriving home i was questioning if It was a weakness to make the call – I don’t think so, whilst most people were still sleeping i got 13 miles in and i know what power bars not to buy and what “special” piece of kit i need to put in my rucksack for that just in case moment. Not a bad mornings run and learning curve after all – Result.

Ill “blog” some more soon.