So after some marvelous work from Andy the ultra madness blog is up an running and ready for my first blog !!
I should at this stage point out I’m completely new to this blogging lark so here goes.

Training worries!!!

How much should I try to do, how often should I be out, am I doing enough or too much? Non of this really matters as right now I’m legged out on the sofa feeling completely shot after 10 straight completely manic days at work, yes I’m self employed and will be the first to admit that there’s loads of advantages in been so but it also means I don’t work your average 9 to 5 with weekends off.

I’m often away from home and doing ridiculously long hour, leaving me no time for running or cross training…. So how on earth am I going to cope with running 108 miles across the Pennines in January next year ???

It’s not going to be easy but ill be getting out and doing as much as home and work life allows which should give me a good grounding to start from, personally i believe Ultra running is 30% physical and 60% mental…. Weather you think that’s mentally strong or mentally stupid I don’t think it matters, if you can control your head and convince yourself that you can continue when your body is screaming to stop your able to complete any challenge.

That’s only 90% I hear you say well that final 10% comes from your surroundings and fellow competitors, when all else fail stop and have s look around at where you are, who you’re with and take a min to think of those not able to be in your position.

So am I worried about my training …. Hell Yes, am I worried about the challenge … Hell Yes but will I make it… So long as I don’t injure myself in training or on the day I WILL

Right time for a nap… No no I mean a run !!