Wise words of warning from Jon for the Osmotherley Trail half marathon this weekend…..

“What I ask is that you are sensible!! I ran today in windproof running tights, merino wool base layer, Waterproof jacket, liner and windproof gloves, powerstretch hat and 2 buffs, I was bordering on being pretty darn cold! I carried spare gloves, spare merino top, spare hat, buff etc. If I had twisted my ankle then i felt I only had limited time to get off the hill before hypothermia would set in. I haven’t put this down to put you off or frighten you, I have put this down as a recommendation to wear and carry extra warm gear. A good deal of the Marathon course is exposed with no cover for miles. The winds batter the Cleveland Hills like nobodies business. No nearby mountains or hills to buffer the western and northern winds. In fact I was warmer on Scafell Pike last Saturday evening.

Wear as a minimum, running tights, full sleeved top, carry or wear a waterproof (not just a windproof jacket) gloves, hat and spare kit, no matter how fast you are. if you are super fast have a bad day or injure yourself you are going to be super slow and your body temperature will drop like a pack of cards. if you are mega experienced (really if you are mega experienced, you’ll carry the kit) and don’t think you need warm gear because you have run in the Arctic or Winter Scottish Mountains and its only the North York Moors, think again! underestimate the North York Moors at your peril! Ask any competitor who suffered with hypothermia at the Hardmoors 55 back in 2010 (plenty of very experienced runners experienced the worst weather they had ever ran in)

Okay, so you run on Sunday and you think what the hell was Jon wittering about, its positively tropic here! well I hope you do think that.

I want you to enjoy the race, have an awesome day, happy memories!. I don’t want to see you huddled by the radiator at Osmotherley Village Hall covered in blankets after pulling out of the race at Lords Cafe because you where frozen and close to hypothermia due to running in just shorts a smelly Helly Hansen baselayer and a little bumbag with a binbag as your waterproof and a tatty old pair of gloves. If that’s you by the radiator covered in blankets shivering away, and you ran with just those clothes on in minus figures, then I suggest you hide from me when I come in as I will kick your backside!”

Best pack well, light and run quick then eh……