Below is a small collects of running books (with the exception of FIVA) that ive read over the past few years. Some more than once, especial when i need reminding of why i run. Like most of us ive a pile of bedside books waiting to be opened. One of which is Andy Mounceys, Magic, Madness & Ultramarathon Running. Ps Andys talking at Wilfs cafe, Staveley, Cumbria on 21 Feb.

Born to Run:The hidden tribe, the ultral-runners and the greatest race the world has ever seen by Christopher McDonald.

To the Edge: A man, Death Valley and the mystery of endurance. Kirk Johnson

The Ghost Runner: The tragedy of the man they couldn’t stop. Bill Jones

Running on Empty: An ultramarthoner’s story of love, loss and record-setting

Ultra Marathon Man: Confessions of an all night runner. Dean Karnazes

The Extra Mile: One Womans personal journey to ultrarunning greatness. Pam Reed

The Athlete’s Way: Training your mind and body to experience the joy of exercise. Christopher Bergland.

Relentless Forward Progress: A guide to running ultramarathons. Bryon Powell

Life On The Run: Coast to Coast. Matt Beardshal

42 Peaks: The story of the Bob Graham Round. Paddy Buckley, 2005

Extreme Running: Covers well known races such as MDS and Badwater through to the lesser known Te Houtaewa Challenge. Kyn McConnell & Dave Horsley

Running Through the Wall: Personal Encounters with the Ultramarathon. Neal Jamison

Eat & Run: Scott Jurek opens up about his life and career — as an elite athlete and a vegan. Scott Jurek.

Trail Running: From Novice to master. Kirsten Poulin, Stan Swartz & Christina Flaxel, M.D

Stretching: Exercises for everyday fitness and for twenty-five individual sports. Bob Anderson

Mountian Marathon Preparation: Stuart Ferguson

Map Reading: Robert B Matkin

Western State 100: Finishing the Weston state 100 mile endurance run. Dale Matson

FIVA: An adventure that went wrong. Gordon Stainforth (A climbing book off two brothers adventure and determination to survive)

I would love to hear of any running books that have inspired you or simple, you think it’s a good book thats worth a read.