Training didn’t go quiet as planned this weekend. Wayne and I planned to run a 16 miler from Wet Sleddale reservoir to the bottom of the Garburn trail, near Troutbeck. After running 7/ 8 miles it soon became obvious that we would be running the best part of those miles with frozen feet.
There was still some snow lurking around from earlier in the week, when it put down several inches, and this covered most of the trail. So running on it became interesting, as we didn’t know how solid it was and what was underneath it. We soon found out, Ice cold water and lots of it.
So do we continue with frozen feet – mmm not a good move. So, after some deliberation it was agreed that we would turn around and trot back to the car.

Solutions: Buy inov8 gortex boots, or thin mid calve sealskin socks with Injinji performance liner sock underneath it. Worth ago and a much cheaper option than inov8 boots.