Wayne – how far have we done?

Glyn – three and a half miles mate, why, what you thinking?
Wayne – I’m thinking I can’t manage another mile of this before we get to Gatescarth Pass. Can we go back?
Glyn – yes mate, lets do it
This was the conversation that we had stood looking down into Mosedale last Saturday.  We’d started off from Wet Sleddale near Shap, with the intention of running to the car we’d dumped on Friday night near Dubbs Reservoir, above Troutbeck which would be around 16 miles.  It’s name gives away what the ground is like in Wet Sleddale, and it never fails to disappoint. It’s pretty high up and there was still plenty of snow around, particularly as we climbed up onto the tops.  The wind was howling down and we were pretty wrapped up in Buff, hat, gloves and jackets on top, but that wasn’t to be where the trouble lay.
As we got higher, the amount of snow increased which proved difficult underfoot.  At times for about three footfalls, we were flying along on fairly solid snow, then it gave way and we were shin deep.  It was to be one of these instances that led to us turning round.  I was shifting along when suddenly my foot went through the snow, cracked a layer of ice and plunged mid-shin in water that was so cold it made be gasp.  I was frustrated that I’d done it as well as being instantly freezing.  My foot was numb and I tried to move along a bit quicker to warm up.  The problem was that there were two alternatives – carry on running on snow with the same problem of going through it, or move on marshy ground with freezing water coming into my shoes with every footstep.  I think I managed to grit my teeth for about half a mile of this before the conversation above with Glyn.
As with all training runs, the outing is never worthless despite us not doing the mileage we’d hoped.  As you’ll see from Glyn’s post, we had a major discussion about footwear and sock choice for the Spine.  I couldnt manage another mile in my Inov-8 295’s and Injinji socks – and the temperature wasnt too bad and it was daylight.  If I’d been using the same footwear in the night on the Spine I would have been in all sorts of trouble pretty quickly.  I’ve already got a pair of Inov8 Roclite boots so think they might be my first choice come race day, maybe matched up with some SealSkinz waterproof socks