This week’s results are in and what an interesting weeks its been given the inputs, outputs, gains & losses.

Wayne’s only been able to do a little training and his weight has stayed the same. The same can be said of me although i’ve done a bit more which included a 2hr 18k trail race.

Glyn and Chris have both been ill, not done as much as they’d have liked and have both posted significant losses!!! Go figure…

So see the current standings below where the graph shows a percentage of weight lost against each individuals starting weight since the 29th January 2013.

19th March 2013

Chris is posting a whopping near 10% loss of his starting body weight. This puts him significantly in the lead but its early days still as this competition is running until the end of June! Glyn on the other hand has made a monumental leap and is showing a near 5% loss, this was in a single week.

This has proved to be the fairest way to do it given we all have different body shapes, sizes, heights and weights and we wanted to make the playing field level by calculating percentage body weight lost, rather than total weight lost.

Be sure to follow the blog for next week’s updates and other items posted in between……