The focus behind all our training is to compete in the Dragon Back Race taking place in 2015, and the pre-registration opened on Monday 1st April.

For those who haven’t heard of it before, its a 5 days of Welsh mountain running. Check out there website for further information or see it through the eyes of last years competitors and purchase the DVD, featuring a local lad Charlie Sproson, a keen runner & owner of the A one stop shop for all your outdoor mountain, running gear and much more. Check out his website and his great gear reviews.

Anyway, to enter the event, competitors have to express an interest through a web site called sientries. This event uses a pre-selection lists to allocate entries. To get a pre-selection list entry i just entered as normal. No payment is required at this stage as there is no guarantee of being offered a place. If the Event Organiser is able to offer me a place they will send an email inviting me to enter. I would then be asked to come back to this site and make a payment £750.00 to confirm my entry. I think this is a bargain compaired to some other 5 day multiday events that are out there.

This is what sientries have to day about it The legendary Dragon’s Back Race follows the mountainous spine of Wales from Conwy Castle to Carreg Cennen Castle. This incredible 5-day journey is approximately 300 kilometres long with 17,000 metres of ascent across wild, trackless, remote and mountainous terrain. It is not a trail race”.
So on Monday, with a little voice in the back of my mind saying “you must be mad” and a crap internet connection, i log on, then got kicked off, this happened several times, but eventually i was able to express my interest by completing a pre selection list form. This involved naming three Ultra race that i have competed in, three Multiday Races and/ or three Mountain Running Experience races. Also i had to confirm that i am confident travelling through the mountains using a map and compass to navigate. The Dragon’s Back is like the OMM Mountian Marathon (not in distance) in that its not a marked course and it is my responsibility to visit each checkpoint in the correct order. Between now and the 8th September 2014 i can update my race experiences at any point. There is no limit to the number of times i can do this, but after the 8th September 2014 my application will be frozen and it will not be possible to amend it further. Although ive got experience of competing in ultra running races my aim is to compete in more multiday/ mountain running races like The Saunder OMM LAMM & the GL3D all fantastic events and worth checking out.
Being as some of these are held in my own backyard it would be rude not to do them. Ill aim to do some of these event between now and Sep 2014, giving updates of my progress as and when.

I would also like to hear your suggestions of other races, whether Ultra, or MM that are taking place around the county that i could check out and maybe put on my list/ enter.

Cheers for now.

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