For those of you that follow the blog you’ll know I’m not running at the moment after having surgery on my shoulder, for those of you that are new to the blog I dislocated my shoulder whilst out running in the Lake District back in January.
The fall resulted in surgery 17 days ago for a repair to my Rotator Cuff and re-attachment of my Suraspinatus tendon.

I’m pleased to report that an ultra sound scan at out patients today showed everything is still in the right place and starting to repair, I’ve been told I’ve still to keep my arm in the sling I left hospital in until my next appointment in 3-4 weeks and to be careful as it’s usually weeks 3and4 that people start think its feeling good and begin to do more which often results in a poor out come or damage to the repairs made.
Having been off work for almost 3 weeks I certainly can’t afford any steps in the wrong direction so need to listen to the advise given!!!

I’ve had my first physio appointment and have some very specific exercise to do which are making a big difference already to my ever stiffening elbow and easing the annoying shoulder pain.

I’m pleased to report my ever suffering family are bearing up well to my constant moaning and boredom, whilst I’m getting good at one handed hovering and dusting I’m still not able to wash up much to Karen’s annoyance 😉

I’ve joined a gym this week, I’m not able to do much just yet but I’m keeping up with a bit of cardio on the exercise bikes and stair climber, I’m not sure what the gym staff think when I’m using the equipment one handed but there always asking if I’m ok or need any help.
I’m also enjoying the pool, it’s all one depth of 1.4m and with not been able to swim at the moment I’m able to walk lengths, again I guess I’m quite a sight walking up and down performing high knees with each stride but hey it feels like I’m doing something, gym sessions are usually finished off in the Sauna, Steamroom, Jacuzzi and a relaxing visit to the coffee lounge before walking home, between walking there and back I’m averaging 5 miles a day plus my workout, probably most important it’s getting me out the house for the morning which is great for the mind.

There’s only so much Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women a man can take !!!!!