If your looking for somewhere to maximise your summer training and at altitude, then look no further than Pyrenean Trails

Jenny and Mike Rhodes will offer you a superb warm welcome. Its a family owned business which operates in the French Ski resort of Les Angles, catering for both Winter & Summer activities plus a whole range of extra leisure activities available for families, couples or groups of friends.​

Mike, who was part of the successful team who conquered Everest’s South West face in 1975 led by Chris Bonington, used his 50 years walking and climbing experience and gained qualifications as an International Mountain Leader and rock climbing instructor to be able to take out clients into the mountains.

Mikes the one in the fetching yellow t-shirt!

Pyrenean Trails is so well located its often frequented by international Triathlon Teams as their training base.

With the numerous trails based from the property this is an excellent base to get conditioned for the Lakeland events, The Spine, UTMB and others. In fact Mike regularly take tours on the Ultra Trail of Mont Blanc so can provide a valuable insight into the course.

photo 1Visit their website or email mike.rhodes@free.fr and be sure to mention www.ultramadness.co.uk for a warm welcome!


The Waheyin…..


Between us we could do with losing a few lbs here n there. Ok so some a few more than others so what better way to encourage, ok bully and embarrass, one another than with a bit of healthy competition between 4 ‘friends’


So the challenge is that between 29th Jan and 25th June every Tuesday morning we’ll be weighing in (gives an extra last chance to shift those weekend excesses) and recording the % loss against our individual starting weights.


He he loses less shall be deemed the ‘loser’, the one with the greatest % loss will be crowned the ‘ultra’madness biggest loser and scoop the prize fund which no doubt will go on kit when in fact it should probably go to our suffering families!!!


So the game has commenced and amazingly I’ve taken an early lead. How long will it last, well be sure to subscribe to the blog and get weekly updates on who’s currently ‘the biggest loser’


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